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( Jun. 5th, 2008 01:07 am)
I have spent much of the day watching the first seven episodes, plus the pilot, for Twin Peaks, after not seeing it for quite a number of years  *looks guiltily at plot bunnies*, and several things occured to me, during this Peak-a-thon. 

1) HOW could I have not seen until now just how damn slashy (and damn fine) Harry and Coop are? From like, ep 3, they are inside each others personal space, and Coop tweaks Harry's nose! So cute, and not something you do to a virtual stranger (I do not care how oddball Coop is, he isn't that intimate with the people he does know, and he won't even LOOK at Audrey when she is nekkid in his bed) 

2) Coop is a certifiable nut job! I always thought he was maybe a little eccentric, but the man is CRACKED! and he wears it so well ;)

3) There is NO ONE in that town even remotely sane! 

4) And most important, in my view, this is just BEGGING to be crossed over with Torchwood/Who, why has this never been done? The odd alien messages (The Owls are coming/watching/listening) and Don Davis character seemingly kidnapped by aliens. Hey, we know where he went, he went to command the SGC! lol. The ambiguous way it ended too, it could so easily be taken as Coop being sucked into the Rift. Imagine him getting spit out in Cardiff, in the middle of the Hub! Why has no one written this, someone needs to write this natural insanity, lol. 

Anyway, these are the thoughts that crossed my sleep deprived brain after I decided that watching back to back Twin Peaks was for more important than sleeping before work *damn am I paying for that now, yawn, headdesk*


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