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( Nov. 15th, 2007 04:04 am)
Ok, I have been gone for a week, and I had such plans for my time off work, I was going to produce new chapters for all of my fics, then my bloody mother managed to fuck with my head again, depressing me to the point where I didn't want to do anything other than watch CLASSIC TV. 

She is leaving the rock, and going back to the UK, to be closer to my SISTER (Some of you may recall the holiday rant of a couple of months ago). This is mainly being done out of spite, because she didn't get her own way on me giving up my own flat and moving in permanantly with her so she could get a better flat. She opened my pay slip, she opened my bank statement, she treats me like crap when she comes in from work (and this is when I only spend a couple of days a week with her) and she wonders why I choose not to share a flat with her full time. Go figure.

This is happening before the end of this month, which means that at Christmas, I will either be all alone, or forced to spend time trapped with family members I DO NOT LIKE, who will only have invited me round out of a sense of duty/pity. I frankly don't know which option could be considered worse.

Anyway, back to the CLASSIC TV. I spent several hours watching, then screen capping, then iconning, The Tomorrow People. Do any of you remember that show? The origional that is, not the awful aussie version with that muppet from neighbours that turned up ten/fifteen years ago. I used to rush home from school once a week to feast my eyes on the telepathic, telekinetic, teleporting pretty people that were HomoSuperior. *grin* and I am so tempted to cross over the TP with DW/TW.

The previous post (Sigh) is the fruits of my depression (and admittedly slightly alcohol enhanced) creative labors, I hope you like them, and I aim to resume normal ficcing service just as soon as she is off this island, and no longer in a position to grate on my every last nerve by treating me as if I am in every way inferior to my sister and her heathen offspring, if not sooner. Please be patient just a little longer.


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