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amythestice's Dragons

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clicked on all of your hatchlings and eggs.

if you want to, here's mine:

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Thank you! I went over and clicked yours too. I notice that your hatchlings have been bred from your adults, is that something you do, or is it just a coincidence?

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no that's something you can do as well.only if they are adults. click on the actions button of the adult dragon of your choice and sometimes(i'm not sure why it doesn't do it all the time) there will be a breed button. click it. and you can choose any of your other dragons, who are of the opposite gender, and have the breed to make an egg. sometimes they won't breed, or will but don't produce an egg, or sometimes produce too many eggs so you have to abandon all but one.

hope that helped!

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It did, thank you, I shall have to keep an eye on them :)

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To answer megans question, you are only allowed to breed a dragon once a week (exactly 7days) and the breed button only shows up on the adult female dragon. Tj(the creator of dragon cave) is said to be working on a new feature that would also have that option on male dragons as well as a timer to show how much longer you have to wait to breed your dragons.
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greetings :-)

I don't know if you'll remember me, but I have been a big fan and follower of your Nine/Jack fic on Livejournal. I'm finally making the move here completely from there. Happy to have found you and your lovely stories here on Dreamwidth.
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Re: greetings :-)

So pleased you remember me! :-)

Yeah, all the stuff I've been hearing from my fan friends about LJ lately is what's made me finally make the big move here. So sad about the new policies on LJ. So many fics, icons and friends have enriched my life because of that.


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